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The Cooperative Society


The cooperative society was founded in 1996 and was formed by 13 dahlia nurseries who wanted to fill in part of their cultivation capacity with the multiplication and cultivation of rights-protected cultivars.  The tubers of these species are destined for:

         Dry sale to the consumer

         Propagation material for pot plant production

         Propagation material for the production of cut flowers in either a greenhouse or outside




As a result of a high degree of client focus, which is expressed by way of supplying a quality product with a high practical value and a good service, the cooperative society wants to expand to a real standard in the market place.

Profiling, scaling up, exchange of knowledge and collectively investing in innovation will all add to a more profitable cultivation.


The use of brand names and active promotion management make our products very recognisable amongst all its competitors.  Our production schedules are determined as a result of close cooperation with export companies and end-users, and are dependent on the demands from the market place.  Information from the market place is used to form the basis for the refinement and development of new species.



The cooperative society runs an active promotion schedule.  Photographs and slides of all species are available at specialised professional photographers.  As well as this, folders are available which present the series and new introductions and which support the sales of these.

Plant labels are available for the pot plant production of the Gallery-species.

Product Guidance

Information regarding the species’ characteristics and different utilisation possibilities is available in several different ways, provided in order to add to the knowledge of the various species and collections.  This kind of information is constantly being added to on our own website.


Our Products

The species which the cooperative society produces are classified into different collections.  Each one of these collections is intended for a special application.  The species within a certain collection will have similar characteristics and application possibilities.  Many species are multiplied by way of tissue cultivation.  The parties will be more homogeneous as a result of this and will be free of viruses and disorders for much longer.  Cultivation from clean propagation material is also used as the basis for export possibilities to countries with high phytosanitair requirements.  In connection with the recent developments regarding the subject of quarantine-free export to Japan, the cooperative society has decided to also start production for this market.

A detail description of the series, together with the associated cultivars, can be found on the following page:  our collections



The cooperative society supplies trade and export companies.

Any mediation is handled by CNB


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