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Melody Dahlia ™

Meet our newest composition for garden decoration: Melody Dahlia, a new type dahlia with a flowering heigth between 50 and 75 cm 
( 20 - 30").
Compact and branching, an abundance of flowers in vibrant colours.
Enlivens your border or, planted in tubs, your deck and patio.


This collection is a fresh addition for the year 2000 and reflects the success of the previously introduced Gallery series. The varieties included in the Melody collection were carefully selected for their floriferousness, beautiful appealing colours, sturdy flowers, continuous flowering and plant shape. The plants are robust, heavily branched and become 50 to 70 cm tall. This makes it possible to place them in a spot at the front of the border. They also grow very well as tub plants and can be purchased as a flowering plant at various garden centres once the risk of ground frost is past.


The present varieties of the  Melody Dahlia ™  collection:


Variety name

Class Colour Height Flower
Melody Allegro dec salmon-orange 60 cm- 24 inch 12 cm- 4,8 "
Melody Bolero ball


60 cm-24"  10 cm- 4"
Melody Dixie dec Cream-white, vibrant lilac-purple top 55 cm-22" 11 cm- 4,4"
Melody Dora dec Yellow heart with orange red top 60 cm-24" 13 cm -5,2"
Melody Fanfare dec Mauve, bronze foliage 60 cm-24" 14 cm, 5,6 "
Melody Gipsy sc Light Yellow centre, large pink top 60 cm-24" 12 cm- 4,8"
Melody Harmony dec Light lilac , centre creamy, very dark foliage 60 cm-24" 15 cm, 6.0"
Melody Latin dec Bright Yellow 55 cm-22" 10 cm- 4"
Melody Lizza dec Lilac 55 cm- 22 inch 13 cm - 5,2 "
Melody Mambo dec Deep Red 55 cm-22" 11 cm-4,4"
Melody Swing dec Orange, some yellow in the heart  60 cm-24" 12 cm-4,8"

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