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Our Collections:

Gallery Dahlia   

Main characteristics of the collection:

  Lowgrowing dahlias with compact planthabit for garden, flowerbeds and 

  Heigth: 25 - 50 cm

  Flowering early, very floriferous

  Great postproduction

  Available in 15 vibrant colours 

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Classic Dahlia

Main characteristics of the collection:     

  They have bronze foliage, the flowers have a dark coloured open centre.

  Height is about 100 cm ( 40 inch)

  Available now in 8 natural colours


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Melody Dahlia

Main characteristics of the collection:  

  Compact planthabit and freely branching. 

  Plantheigth between 20 and30 inch ( 50 en 70 cm)

  Very floriferous and great postproduction

  For applications as garden decoration in the border or in large containers 

  Available in 7 vibrant colours and more to come  


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Karma Dahlia

Main characteristics of the collection:  

  Specially selected varieties for cutflower production

  Long, straight and strong stems

  Great longevity

  Can be harvested in rather immature stage     

  Available in 10 beautiful colours

  Of course excellent plants for the back of the border


  The varieties of  Karma Dahlia Collection

ACe Dahlia

ACe Dahlias, our collection with great dahlias with special qualities 

  Eyecatchers in your garden

  2 specially selected dinnerplates at this moment and soon more to come  


  More about the varieties of  the ACe Dahlia Collection

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