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Ace Dahlia ® Collection
Varietyname Ace Summer Emotions *
Series ACe Dahlia 
Classification Decorative
Height 28  inch, 70 cm
Flower 8,8  inch, 22 cm
Colour Flower White centre with large lilac-pink top
Colour Foliage Green
Protected Variety PBR af
Production Tubers
Breeder Gebr Verwer 2005
Use Border and can be grown in containers
Ace Summer Emotions

Ace Summer Emotions came from a crossing between Ace Summerdawn andApril Dawn.
The most remarkable characteristic of this variety is the combination of the large flowers with the compact groing plant which is basally branching and carries the large flowers on the side branches.
A nice dahlia to give a place in the front of the border or, as a solitair in a large container.

* Apllied for registration and denomination at CPVO

The present varieties of the Ace Dahlia Collection


Classification Colour Heigth Flower
Ace Summer Emotions dec White centre and pink tops 70 cm, 28 " 22 cm, 8,8 ""
Ace Summer Sunset dec Orange, some yellow in the centre 120 cm, 48" 25 cm, 10"

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